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Hi , I really hope it’s not going to take another hour ? Thanks

Hannah, 25 Sep 2020

Absolutely brilliant food, will come back time and time again

Alex, 19 Sep 2020

You haven't honered my 10% off code and I've rang you 11 times to alter the order within 5 minutes and u won't answer

Elliott, 05 Apr 2020

  Reply : Dear customer Sorry to hear that you experienced this problem. However, there were not much we can do right now as you would imagine no counter girls want to work and two chef didn't want to work too under this adverse situation in UK.

First time experience with you. Took me 10 attempts to get you on the phone for you to direct me to an online ordering system - no problem. Ordered at 19:12 The countdown clock for when my food should arrive is just a gimmick not even marginally accurate. We called around 70 times (really not even exaggerating) just to have some kind of idea where of our food was, no answer, after 2 hours i could have eaten toast and been more satisfied with my whole experience so far. I was just putting my shoes on to try and find something out but after 2 hours and 10 minutes the food arrives. I can’t begin to explain how disappointing my £5.80 deep fried chicken looked, felt and tasted, no crackers as way of apology either . Duck curry had about 5mm of oil sat on top and needed microwaving. Fried chicken rice was dreadful. Your soup was nice however. I cannot and will not order again, even tried calling up after I slid most of it in the bin for some kind of explanation but still I couldn’t get through. I get busy and understand demand is high but you still have to maintain value, service and quality if that‘s slipping then something needs to be done.

Lewis, 04 Apr 2020

  Reply : Lewis so sorry for you unpleasant experience with us, I can fully understood your frustrations, however, we have no counter girl who can answer any phone call during busy time, futhermore, we have two chefs didn't want to work in such adverse situation. Please accept our apologies, but situation have been improved as few more staff at work with us now.

Why has our delivery not turned up.. it said 8.20 pm we are still waiting and can’t get through on the phone as it’s constantly engaged

Michelle Tierney, 03 Apr 2020

  Reply : Sorry Michelle We have tremendous issues with WiFi networks tonight, could not get order printed out or printed order half an hour later, that's why all orders jamed completely. Hope you understand the situation we are experiencing and hope you are accepting our apologies.